YSI 6436AF 生物付着防止濁度電極

YSI 6436AF 生物付着防止濁度電極は濁度電極として、生物付着の激しい環境において正確な長期測定を提供します。

(但し、一部供給品については、 サプライヤー諸事情により、終了時期が早まる場合がございますので御了承下さい。)

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This sensor must be installed into a 6-Series sonde to function. Does not function on its own.

Features include:

  • Temperature compensation provides greater accuracy
  • Wiped optics field-proven for fouling prevention
  • Compatibility with all YSI optical port sondes provides system flexibility

The YSI 6436AF sensor can be used in combination with those YSI sondes that have optical ports - 600 OMS, 6820, 6920, 6600, or 6600 EDS (Extended Deployment System) - and a YSI 650 MDS handheld display-logger. Make surface as well as vertical profile measurements. In addition, the YSI 6136 in combination with one of the YSI data-logging sondes can be used for unattended continuous monitoring or integrated with data collection platforms for real-time data acquisition.

Notable Specifications:

  • Range: 0 to 1000 NTU
  • Resolution: 0.1 NTU
  • Accuracy: +/-2% of reading or 0.3 NTU, whichever is greater


YSI 6600V2YSI 6820 V2YSI 6920 V2
YSI 6600OMS V2

Anti Fouling Yes
Certifications Assembled in the USA, CE, IP-67, WEEE, U.S. EPA ETV, FCC and RoHS
Depth / Pressure Rating / Limit 200 m
Equipment used with 600OMS, 6600, 6600V2, 6600EDS, 6920V2, 6920, 6820V2, 6820, ADV6600
Measurement Range 0 to 1,000 NTU
Monitoring Yes
Parameters Measured Turbidity
Precision ±2% of reading or 0.3 NTU, whichever is greater
User Calibratable Yes
User Replaceable Yes
Warranty 2 years